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Hello and Welcome

If you've landed on this page, it's probably because you're considering getting some counselling. I know the feeling ;)

Personally, I'm a huge fan of counselling. None of us have all of the answers for everything life throws at us, and when all our past strategies fail it's often time to seek a different tactic. Counselling and therapy offers us that.


Below I've given you a peek into my beliefs as a therapist and how I work with clients, which may help you decide if I'm the right person for you or if another counsellor is a better fit. However you go, I wish the best on your therapeutic adventures.

Warm Wishes,

Angela Bennett

BCouns; DipCouns; DipCommServ

Current Master of Counselling Student at Edith Cowan University

Member of Australian Psychotherapy Association

Education and Experience

I hold a Bachelor of Counselling from Edith Cowan University, currently pursuing my Masters in Counselling. My experience is strongly focused on therapies which use mindfulness techniques to expand our understanding of ourselves and manage challenges such as anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.


My focus is on working with clients who are managing life changes and challenges, using therapeutic discussion and mindfulness-based techniques that empower my clients with new skills, new approaches, and a new outlook on life.

Person-centred counselling

We are all the expert in your own lives, and have within us the ability to manage through the challenges that life throws at us. Yet, sometimes it can be difficult to find the path forward that is right for us.

As a person-centred counsellor, I help my clients find their personal path forward. Together we unpack the situation, investigate motivations and options, uncover and examine blocks against actions, and find a way forward that is unique and authentic to each client. 


Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness skills have been growing in popularity. Study after study report people experiencing relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and an increased resiliance in managing their lives among those who practice mindfulness strategies in their everyday living.

Mindfulness is a healthy, drug-free intervention which can be learned in a few short weeks. Contact me to discuss if mindfulness therapies might work for you.


Multicultural counselling

We all grow up within family and social cultures which influence how we think and feel. Sometimes we fit-in with cultural expectations, sometimes we don't. Either way, other people's assumptions about our beliefs can get in the way of recieving  effective counselling.

Multicultural counselling actively includes explorations of the way that culture, faith, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, and gender impact a client. By honouring each individual's personal experience of their culture, multicultural counsellors support each client without assumptions or stereotyping. You are free to be fully yourself.


Online Counselling

Online counselling can be easier to access and less stressful for some people, while seeming to provide a similar level of effectiveness for most. As a former online trainer and business coach, I found video chat to be flexible, effective, and worked well for my busy clients. 


While personal meeting spaces are compromised by worries around Covid-19, I will be delivering counselling services online, via password-protected zoom sessions. If you are new to online sessions, and unsure if the format will work for you, please contact me to arrange a trial session. Similarly, groups meet online.

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