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Who is this event for?

Are you looking for a way to mindfully clear away 2020's difficult energy and turn your attention towards creating a positive 2021? This one hour live group session could be the tool you're looking for! It's an auspicious time for new beginnings, so join us and celebrate this one!

What is this event like?

Our session will include guided meditations, exercises and group discussions. We'll introduce you to skills which you can use for self-care support in the future, and some online training and practice groups on offer in the new year. Our goal is to have a fun, relaxing, and positive experience to ride into the future!

When is it?

This session is live and online, and can be attended from around the world. It is hosted from Perth, Australia where it is live 

  • at 9:30 AM Monday* 

  • for 1 time only

  • on December 21st 2020

*Which is Sunday evening in the USA, 8:30 EST & 5:30 PST

Supercharge Your ADHD: 7 Skills and 1 Secret Key
Supercharge Your ADHD: 7 Skills and 1 Secret Key
JOONDALUP: Harness the Power of Your ADHD to Fight Procrastination, Supercharge Your Strengths, and Get Things Done!
Feb 04, 2023, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Better Naturally, Joondalup,
45 Central Walk, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia

Hosted by Kerry Devine

"I'm pleased to invite Kerry to lead us in this session. I've attended her sister circles, and know her work with survivors of domestic abuse. Kerry's attunement with universal truths make her the ideal person to facilitate a concious transition into the new year this solsitce.


I'm grateful to her for offering her time, and highly recommend her Your Inner Warrior for those who are inspired by her message. "

- Angela Bennett

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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