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Who is this program for?

This program is best suited to older adults, as exercises and discussions involve elements which are particularly relevent to people who are middle aged and older.

If you are an older adult who is experiencing, or beginning to experience,

  • a physical or cognitive decline

  • struggles with anxiety or depression

  • physical or emotional pain

  • loss and grief

  • boredom, disconnection, or isolation

  • meaninglessness or a lack of purpose

this is the right course for you.

If you are an older adult who is not currently experiencing any of the above, but you desire to live fully, embracing life as it unfolds, fantastic! Register to learn with us because that is exactly what we're learning to do!

What is each class like?

Each workshop touches on 3 elements which are vital to living fully as we age:

  • our physical body

  • our thinking processes

  • our personal and social relationships

We touch on these through gentle physical movement, attention exercises, practical learning, group discussions, practice recommendations, reference materials, and optional between-session 'homework' exercises.

Our 8 weekly sessions are all held in an online video meeting format, with a limited number of participants to allow people the chance to get to know one another. Sessions are live and not recorded or shared.

When is it?

We're deciding our next class times now! Enter your email address below to be updated with new class times.

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Hosted by Angela Bennett

"I'm excited to facilitate this important program, because it can bring relief to so many people. 

Mindful Sustainable Ageing is based on the work of researchers, who found powerful, positive, and long-lasting results for older adults who participated in mindfulness programs. This program teaches you how to use these techniques in your day-to-day living to manage the challenges that come with ageing with grace and ease.

Mindfulness techniques are non-religious, and all exercises and practices can be adapted to work with for individual needs. Please contact me if you are concerned."

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