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Who is this program for?

This program is best suited to adults or young people who are experiencing, or beginning to experience,

  • struggles with anxiety or depression

  • boredom, disconnection, or isolation

  • emotional pain, loss, or grief

  • meaninglessness or a lack of purpose

this is the right course for you.

Together, we will explore how you can use mindfulness techniques to relieve the struggles and tensions of living, so that you can fully embrace life as it unfolds with less anxiety and more engagement and resiliance.

What is each class like?

Each workshop highlights an area of mindfulness practice, including:

  • attention, intention, and attitude

  • presence, non-striving, and acceptance

  • awareness of body and mind

We use physical movement, attention exercises, practical learning exercises, group discussions, practice recommendations, reference materials, and optional between-session 'homework' exercises. Together, these provide an experiential learning experience designed to help you explore and develop your mindfulness practice.

Our 8 weekly sessions are all in a live online video meeting format, with a limited number of participants to allow people the chance to get to know one another. Sessions are live and not recorded or shared.

When is it?

This class is live and online, and can be attended from around the world. It is hosted from Perth, Australia where it is live 

  • at 9:00 AM Monday* 

  • for 8 weekly sessions

  • from January 4 2021

Get your first class free

*That is 12:00 Noon Sydney-time, and Sunday evening in the USA. See times in your time zone

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Hosted by Angela Bennett

"I'm pleased to facilitate this supportive and effective program, because it can be such a powerful relief for people who are suffering daily anxiety. 

Mindful Skills Development brings together many teachings from different mindfulness practitioners, giving you different strategies and structures to support yourself through anxious episodes. Each class includes time to practice and discuss what you're learning, allowing you to explore how these techniques work for you.

Mindfulness techniques are non-religious, and all exercises and practices can be adapted to work with for individual needs. Please contact me if you are concerned."

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