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Who is this program for?

This course is ideal for:

  • People who are looking dig deeper into concepts that bring us meaning in our day to day lives.

  • People who are experiencing meaninglessness, and who may have have hit-the-wall on finding meaning, and who are ready to explore new paths to discovering meaning to their existence. 

  • People who desire to live a purposful existence, instead of a life of survival.

  • People who are looking for more exploration, clarification, and understanding of Alejandra Casadoof's application of Global Convergent Logic (GCL) and Space-Time-Structures of the Universe (STSU). 

What is each class like?

Each session features key elements: 

  • Lively conversation between the facilitator and attendees about experiences and thoughts regarding previews sessions.

  • Introduction and explanation of a new key concepts of Alejandra Casadoof's GCL and STSU theory and their applications

  • Discussion of practical strategies and tools to apply Casadoof's concepts in everyday life.

  • As a result of attendending this course, you will find yourself more ready to embrace the challenges that life throws at you, experiencing them in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

When is it?

A new course is starting soon.

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Hosted by Yilda Betancur

Yilda is a passionate trainer in GCL and STSU theories and applications. She thrives when assisting people to live life with more purpose and meaning.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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